Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Make a Custom Wrestling Singlet - the wildsinglets way!

How to make a custom singlet - the wildsinglets way!

First, all singlets are handcut one-at-a-time in my workshop.  Most singlet manufacturers cut many, many layers of fabric at one time with huge band saws.  I prefer the precision I get by cutting one-at-a-time.

This keeps the singlets true to size - no shifting and pulling of the stretchy fabric while its being cut!

Then the singlet is ready to be stitched on my industrial overlock (serger) machine.  Four threads weave in and around themselves to provide maximum strength while staying stretchy.  This ensures that the singlet will keep you covered even in the most awkward of wrestling positions.

I add gripper elastic to the bottom of each leg.  This holds the leg down securely while you move and prevents that annoying feeling of the singlet legs "creeping up".

Soon it's time to move the singlet over to my industrial coverstitch machine.  Quite a beast - this one!

This is where the arm and neck trim are attached.  This process can make me crazy some days!  It has to be done very carefully!

Then its a pretty simple circle around the bottom of each leg to finish up.

I pack the finished singlets inside zip bags to protect them.  Ready to ship to you!

Thanks for watching!!!  I've got to get back to work now!